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BBNaija: Praise refuses attempt from Ka3na to lure him into going under duvet again

Barely 24 hours after seeing herself in bed with co-housemate, Big Brother Naija Lockdown guest, Ka3na wanted more from her one night man, Praise.

It was after the Saturday night party on August 1. Ka3na was seen in the living room having an conversation with Ozo, and Praise came along passing in front of Ka3na. She relatively talked to him before continuing conversation with Ozo.

After that, Ka3na went to Praise asking him to come to her bed (and we all know what she wanted at that point) but the father of one refused.

She came with another strategy demanding Praise follow her to the kitchen to make Jollof rice when she knows it’s already past 12 midnight into Sunday morning.

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And Praise knowing what Ka3na was up to something responded that he wouldn’t go. And even if hunger will kill him, so be it.

Watch video below…

Then, in the bedroom, Ka3na had gone to lie on her bed (alone) while Ozo, Neo and Praise was still awake having conversation.

Praise was heard telling them to find a barbed wire to use block him and Ka3na because when the AC comes on, it’s going to be a mad night.

Recall Ka3na and Praise consentingly went under the duvet in the early hours of Saturday, at about 2:21 am after having a very intoxicating Truth or Dare game on Friday night.

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In the video that made rounds the internet, Praise was seen giving it to Ka3na through the back as she relaxed telling him after he stopped to continue.

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