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BBNaija2020: Praise and Ka3na consentingly play under the duvet (video)

The Friday night, July 31 in Big Brother Naija Lockdown House went from fun to funny to horny with the Housemates coming from Friday Arena games to getting surprise package from Biggie to two Housemates going under the sheets.

For the first time in the Lockdown show, Housemate Praise won the arena game after finishing his task in 2 minutes 18 seconds.


And Biggie instructed the Housemates to give him a very special treat which will at least make him feel like a winner. In Biggie’s words, “Praise must be pampered”.

While Biggie’s guests were out of the arena, they were led to a surprise gift of drinks which were left freezing in the garden with a mandatory order that no one leaves with a bottle inside the House.

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After the mini party comes Truth or Dare game which took place in the bedroom and Housemates equally had an excessive fun while daring each other.

As Truth or Dare was over, Praise and Ka3na saw each other on the bed (probably to heed to Biggie’s instruction – pamper him). And it was observed that Ka3na had earlier during Truth or Dare given him greenlight about how horny she seems.

There and then, Praise was seen giving his bedmate a surprise check up through the back while duvet was spotted moving back and forth as evidence that the ‘engaged-to-be-married Praise was lashing the boss lady.

Take a look at the video below;

This is how it started,

It continues from this second scene;

Not long they started, the scene was over and Ka3na could be seen using her leg to draw close her top which was left lying during the pounding.

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