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‘Now Miss Ka3na, not searching’ – BBNaija’s Ka3na declares herself single

• Ka3na has declared herself single, after five years of marriage with husband, Mr Jones, which earned them a daughter, Lila. Married former...


Netizens expose BBNaija Ka3na’s pregnancy as unreal

Social media users have taken to platforms to investigate on the latest announcement by the former Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown star...


BBNaija’s Ka3na announces her presidential candidacy

• The single mother of one has gone beyond reasonable doubt to assure her supporters of her proper representation as the courtry’s new...


‘Posting ordinary boyfriend? You get liver’ – BBNaija’s Ka3na shades Lilo following shared photos of her boyfriend

• Ka3na advised that ladies should desist from giving their boyfriends treatment of a husband because it’s not promised he’ll marry her at...


BBNaija Ka3na’s husband ends intimacy with her, as he buys her s3x toys

• Even though Ka3na didn’t stated clearly why her husband bought her the sex toys, it’s obvious that the man, who’s already old,...

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