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BBNaija: ‘Erica can’t handle someone like me’ – Kiddwaya (video)

If you stayed up last night till the early hours of Saturday, August 29 watching the drama going on between Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates Erica and her love interest Kiddwaya, you must have imagined how hard it seems to describe what’s really up with them.

However, it’s very obvious one is taking everything serious with the other caring less about it, meaning that Erica always sees Kiddwaya not meeting up with her expectations.

Recall that earlier before the night, Erica poured out her emotions on how Kiddwaya has been treating her over the past weeks she chose him as her spec.

In return, Kiddwaya being the simplest person he could, cheered Erica up and made her understand that he’s not relaxing or taking for granted whatever they have for each other.

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Then, after the Friday night fun time and charade games among Housemates which left almost the 14 of them very tipsy and some drunk, it got to a point where tipsy Erica got pissed off with her emotions over Kiddwaya back again.

She wanted more than Kiddwaya has been offering her. She needed him to desist from all the steady and constant sex talks and get serious with her.

But is that what Kiddwaya wanted or planned before coming to Biggie’s House? He has mentioned severally that he’s a flirtatious guy and it’s simply who he is and cannot be changed if not now.

YES! Erica has heard him say this each of the time. And she seems to understand sometimes even though her love life isn’t all about loving her and doing whatever you want. She needs a completely unconditional affection.

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“Have a nice life. After all I had to say, he had nothing to say. That’s disrespectful. I’m tired of all the sex talk, I want more. Few options make him feel like he can do what he wants, like a spoiled brat,” Erica stated while expressing her displeasure with Kiddwaya’s way of life to Prince and Trikytee.

Well, Prince and Trikytee had to called Kiddwaya after Erica’s statement to really get the whole point of the drama. But as it appeared to them, Kiddwaya is who he has been and may not because of Erica change from that.

Kiddwaya made it clear to Prince and Trikytee that he has told Erica couple of times that they have to be just friends because he personally cannot make her happy.

He continued that his life is not centered towards making her happy in Biggie’s House and he’ll not change because of that. And with that, he believes Erica cannot handle someone like him.

Kiddwaya said “I said a couple of things. We should just be friends because I cannot make you happy. My life is not catered towards that and that will not change. She can’t handle someone like me and that’s the fu**ing truth.”

We can now imagine how the viewers perceive these whole drama even though much may not be considered at the moment except that everyone watches closely waiting for the outcome.

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