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BBNaija: Laycon, Erica reconcile in a very candid convo, he explains why Vee painted her black

On Friday night August 28, Big Brother surprised Lockdown Housemates with a special treat and fun time haven told them that their Wager Task for the week has been secured.

It began with the charade games hosted by Oracle Neo in the garden with Housemates daring each other with some fr**king bits of rules and order.

Thereafter, Erica was speaking to Tolanibaj about how the whole night has being and present situationship with their respective male co-housemates.

However, Laycon was seen sitting on the bed in the garden and staring at them. Erica then says to Tolanibaj, ‘look at him staring at me, probably wishing me bad.’

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After a while, Erica approached Laycon and had a conversation with him. They talked about their friendship and she said she felt like he hated her now because of his response to her eviction question and Ebuka’s question about Vee accusing her of being manipulative.

Laycon reassures her that he is not her enemy, and that even though they can’t be friends, he still feels the same way about her. At this point, the ended the conversation.

Then, another conversation started some minutes after Erica had her shower and from how it began, it seemed they had both agreed to finish their conversation because Laycon asked her if she was sober enough to finish the discussion or they should wait till tomorrow.

Erica assured him that she was cool enough to talk. Laycon expressed himself and explained why he had to be the way he is to her and that he doesn’t hate her.

According to him, its usually thoughts of what could have happened between them or how beautiful she looks and assured her it wasn’t negative thoughts. Erica responds by saying that manipulation and prayer conversation he had with Vee, exposed by Ebuka threw her off and thinking otherwise.

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But Laycon explained that his conversation with Vee wasn’t anything harmful, just that it was proved out of context after Ebuka revealed about it.

Laycon continued that for his personal reasons, he cannot talk to her (Erica) and it helps him get over her. He expressed how seeing her and Kiddwaya made him uncomfortable and she offered to talk to Kiddwaya about it but Laycon told her not to and she should stop worrying about others including him (Laycon).

Laycon also told her that he cannot be there for her because she has someone already. Erica agreed but concluded she was alone (because she understandably has doubts about Kiddwaya) but she understood his stance.

Laycon asked her why she felt alone and what she and Kiddwaya do other than kiss. Erica told him they talk; Laycon asked her if she was happy with what she was doing and she said yes. He then said that’s all she needed to worry about.

In a nutshell, this conversation ended with a very emotional hug and both agreed to only talk when it is very necessary.

A lot of points made were left out but this was a very candid conversation. Laycon expressed himself better than he has ever done since the show began. Erica also was able to clear the air on the Vee conversation because it obviously bothered her.

Nothing bad came out of the conversation as opposed to what is currently making rounds the internet.

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