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BBNaija: Nengi annoyed after Ozo helped Erica at Betway Arena Games (video)

The situationship some of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates have always found themselves in leave everyone to worry about how each one of them level up with who they like and who they claim to love.

The fandom have always put all the brouhaha into consideration as to how they can relate with their faves and tell them what they’re doing wrong from the outside world.

Last night, Friday, August 28, Nengi and her love interest Ozo kept their fans a bit awake to see what was just going wrong with them even though Ozo as cool as he seems remains a lady’s man.

Nengi was basically pissed with him for helping her co-housemate Erica with her protective gear in the arena during the Friday night Betway Arena Games.

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Also, Nengi wasn’t happy to see her man peck Dorathy who felt emotionally down haven claimed she was cheated by Biggie with the Arena Games set up which didn’t favour her.

Nengi had that feeling that Ozo doesn’t really like her but does she really like him???

With the way Nengi over the past few weeks in the House had been throwing herself at co-housemate Kiddwaya, it’s obvious her jealousy is out of place. Like the saying goes, ‘she wants to eat her cake and have it’.

Ozo earlier shared his concern with his close friend Neo telling him that he got into trouble with Nengi for helping Erica tie her protective gear at the arena and she’s upset that he gave Dorathy a peck.

While in HoH lounge, Ozo explained to Nengi that even though she sees him doing those things, it doesn’t mean he has stop seeing her as the closest person to him in the Lockdown House.

He however apologized assuring Nengi that even if she’ll have to be angry, it doesn’t have to be at his peril because she means a lot to him at the moment.

Ozo said: “I’m sorry for whatever I’ve done this week. Me pecking Dora is something I’ve done since week 2 every time she’s feeling bad. This week has had the best and worst times. You’re one of the closest people I have in my life right now

“Nengi, you’re one of my closest person in this house. I am always going to be sorry for anything, you’re one of the most important people in my life. Like, you mean so much to me. I’ve never felt this way for the longest time.

“I know you hate me right now, you really really hate me. I am sorry. I never want to see you angry, not now, not tomorrow, not ever. Even if you are angry, I don’t want to be the cause. You mean a lot to me Nengi.”

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