BBNaija’s Tacha exposes people trying to pay her fans off to stop trending her (video)

One of the most popular Big Brother Naija star, Anita Natacha Akide aka Tacha stated that people are working so hard, day and night, to get her out of the way.

During an Instagram live video on Friday, June 26, 2020, Tacha revealed that some individuals are secretly sending her fans, Titans DM (direct messages) requesting they pay them off to stop trending her on social media.


However, Tacha informed the people involved to keep trying hard, but they will never succeed in their plans, because her position was already a God’s plan and no man born of a woman can rewrite what God has written.

Read her words and watch video below;

She said, “I don’t even understand, what did I do? Why are you people working so hard, why are you people doing so much to get me out of the way? What did I do? I am a man, you know what I mean when I say a man, mean I am a human like both genders like man, so that’s what I mean.

“I didn’t get to this stage all by me, I got to the stage with just love. My hope come from the God, I hope in God, you get me? So, no human being can get me out of the stage I’m right now. And it’s not even going to work.

“My fans all love me despite anybody. So, it’s funny how Titans should be getting messages to stop trending Tacha. If you want to pay them, send me a DM, how much do you even want to send. You want to pay Titans to stop trending Tacha. Go and spend your money, I don’t even know how much you have, how much do you even have? Say you want to pay Titans to stop trending Tacha, what did Tacha do?

“Did Tacha win 60 freaking million naira, did she win it? Don’t even forget that Tacha was disqualified, don’t forget that. Tacha was disqualified by an organization, but God in heaven, the one in charge, the one that made the whole world, the person that make is possible for everybody to win, my dear you cannot do anything about it, you can only work, but you can’t get me out of the way because the position I am in, God planted me there.

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“When I say no leave no transfer, we pin do you know what it means? And no man born of a woman, unless it was born by another thing. No man born of a woman can do anything about it. God loves me and that’s enough for me.

“You can’t do anything, you guys can’t kill me, I cannot die, I did not come to this world because of you. Everything that I have, I worked for it, every single thing. Nobody will come here and say this person gave Tacha this, you freaking persons gave Tacha nothing. No stupid person is giving Tacha anything right now.

“I have my fans, I have my family, I have my loved ones and yeah my circle is small but you see that very small circle with the little people there, they love me with 101 percent, they love me, have my everything at heart. They love they show to me, you guys can’t even understand, but that’s fine for me.

“I am not forming for anybody, I don’t boast for anybody, I don’t hold any I’ll feelings against anybody, I leave my life. I trust in God, I love God, I believe in him. And he’s going to keep doing it for me.

“And nothing can anybody on this earth can do about it. That’s why all people sending DMs, with a lot of things that happens behind the scene. I don’t come out to talk about everything, I am even not the one to talk about everything.

“You can’t have my fan base, you can’t, I didn’t give myself the fan base, it was already planned by God. Everything that happened needed to happen and no matter how much people are going to do cut and join, Tacha is still around, no leave no transfer, I pin, I pin by God, I am not leaving anywhere.

“So you guys can do what you want to do, it’s fine. For anybody watching, have that in your head. For anybody out there doing the most, I don’t know who you are, I don’t even think I want to know you, because I don’t like knowing people with unclean hearts, those people, I don’t like knowing them. So, I don’t know you, but I want you to know that you’re going to keep working hard, and I know you’re working hard. You’ll keep turning 360 for my good.”

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