A hater left a sad message on actress Damilola’s car while she was in Lekki mall

Felix M. Okoye

It’s quite a sad day for the Nollywood beautiful actress, Adedamilola Adegbite who came out from Lekki Lagos mall to where she parked her car and saw that the body of her car already has a heartbroken inscription on it.

Damilola as she’s fondly called shared a video on her social media page Instagram of her damaged car. She came out from a mall and saw that her enemy wrote “I Hate You” on the car.

In a caption, Oluwadamilola said people are apparently somewhere hating on her shine that they had to leave a message on her car. She said that’s a sign that she’s doing something right.

Her post;

“So apparently, someone somewhere hates me so much they had to leave a message on my car. I must be doing something right”

Meanwhile, her fans, friends, followers and colleagues took to the comment section of her post to sympathize with her while some encourage her to report to the Police.

aminaah28 wrote
“It’s also a crime to damage someone’s property! Who is going to paint the car?. Not so smart. Leaving a note would have even been smarter. Report it to the police. Stay safe. Do not take it lightly. Just suggestions. Lastly, you are so pretty..”

moetabebe wrote
“Wow!!! Gosh!!! Fuck that person mehn!!! I love you baby gehl”

ikogbonna wrote
“The person actually dedicated his or her time and energy to do this … just wow ….”

joselyn_dumas wrote
“Oh nooooo!! What!! Please be safe out there gorgeous”

ashionye wrote
“Oh my! Only a sad, bitter person would spew out such strong feelings. Please be safe, dear.”

oly2cute wrote
“Omg. they are surrounded by darkness and u re surrounded by light so that darkness will darken this person’s life forever! Amen”

devine1282 wrote
“This is serious ooooo, how can you hate God’s creation. The most important thing my dear is God Loves you.”

pageantcoach_mma wrote
“Wow, if someone as humble and gentle like you can be hated, that means there’s no hope in this world. The person that wrote that needs help. I still love you my twinnie. don’t mind the haters”

woman_of_substance_ wrote
“No please dont take this lightly. You have to report it to the police asap. God will protect you and your son from any form of evil. Amen.”

foyea_ wrote
“I wish you found the person when they were doing and just give them hug saying pele”

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