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BBNaija: Cross opens up more about Angel (video)

• Cross understood Angel as a cruise mistress, and fun-filled fellow, who has taught herself life, and definitely grew on her own, into what she is today.

Certified cruise master, and former Big Brother Naija season 6, Shine Ya Eye contestant and reality television star, Cross has shared more on what he thinks about his former co-housemate, Angel Agnes Smith.

Cross, who revealed this in a media chat and interview with Net NG, said that Angel was a clear fun-catching lady, which could also be referred to as a cruise mistress.

Angel, according to Cross, is a very smart and intelligent lady, who knows what she’s doing at every given time. And judging by her cruising nature, Cross added that anyone who stays with Angel has to be very careful with her, because you might misunderstand her along the way.

Cross also stated that Angel is the lady that always goes one, two, three, four, steps ahead, at any given time and this has helped her teach herself about life and grew into what she is today.

He said, “Of course, I like Angel. (To the interviewer he added), ‘even you as a girl, you’ll like Angel, talk more of a guy.’ Come on, Angel is a darling, she’s a sweetheart. And you already know, just that the girl is absolute cruise mistress.

“So, as you catch cruise with her, you have to be very careful, because, if you’re not careful, she would definitely punish you. And when she punishes you, ah! you don’t want to be in that moment when she punishes you.

“So, like I said, she’s a cruise mistress, she’s fun, she’s intelligent, she’s smart. She knows what she wants. Angel is someone that knows what she wants. She kind of thought herself life. She kind of grew into what she is. And that process, she has being through a lot.

“So, she knew who she was and she knew what she was doing at every given time and she knew what she was going to do next. So, she was two, three, four steps ahead at every given time. She knew who to talk to, she knew who to be friend with.

“She was just a very smart, intelligent lady. The only difference with me is that, I don’t think I’m as smart as her. So, I was just literally carrying the whole wave as it comes, so, I wasn’t thinking two, three, four, five steps ahead.

“So, I saw her, she was doing it, and I admire it. I just chilled behind and kept on noticing her. I just left her to do her thing.

“When it was now me and her, I told myself, ‘Cross, woe betide you if this girl use you as cruise,’ instead we’re going to go with this cruise. Trust me, I know Angel very well. I know Angel at the back of my head. I know when she’s in love.

Interviewer asked Cross if he’s going to pursue relationship with Angel now they’re outside the House, he said, “It might get there someday, if we still become close or something, but, I don’t know, (for now) I don’t think so.”

Watch video below.