Ultimate love star Kachi reveals who helped him heal from break-up with Rosie

• According to Kachi, his friends and family come as the people who offered him so much help to heal from the traumatic experience that follows his break-up with ex-partner, Rosie (read ahead).

Ucheagwu Onyekachi Bartholomew simply known as Kachi, the Ultimate Love season 1 reality television star and co-winner has disclosed how he was able to heal from a recent break-up with his ex-lover, Rosie.


You could recall that around October 2020, rumours began making waves that Rosie and Kachi are getting set to split from each other after their irreconcilable differences.

The rumour went as far as becoming true as Rosie took to Instagram live to officially announce that it’s over between her and Kachi.

Reports also had it that Rosie, who was already conceived of Kachi’s baby, later aborted it after Kachi severally pleaded with her to leave the child.

These and many other stories were told about the break-up until it was officially finalized when Rosie instructed MultiChoice to call off her wedding with Kachi as well as returning her engagement ring.

However, in a recent question and answer session on his Instagram page, Kachi beckoned on his supporters to ask him anything.

Many questions were thrown at him, but we were able to come across ones asked by fans concerning his previous relationship and how he has been coping with the traumatic experience.

An unidentified fan asked, “Have you forgiven and healed from your last relationship?” and Kachi replied saying the he has completely healed from it. “Of course I have,” he answered.

Another supporter came with a question and it was for Kachi to explain how he coped with the loss of his former relationship.

“How were u able to cope with loss of ur former relationship,” the fan asked. And Kachi responded revealing that his family and friends helped him a lot during the trying time.

“I was able to pull through with the help of my wonderful family and amazing friends,” Kachi revealed.