Following his split from Rosie, Ultimate Love’s Kachi tells fans when he’s likely to fall in love again

• Kachi isn’t in any haste to find in love after the surprising break-up with his Ultimate Love partner, Rosie.

• He was asked by fans when he’s likely to settle down with another lady, Kachi said he would be waiting on God.

It’s somewhat a well-known scenario that the popular Ultimate Love season 1 reality television stars and co-winners Rosemary Afuwape aka Rosie and Ucheagwu Onyekachi Bartholomew simply known as Kachi have called it quits in their relationship.


The ex-lovers and 2020 reality love guests had a time of their lives after they were declared winners of the show in March which mandated that they would marry each other.

And it continued until they became worn-out of themselves with Rosie claiming that Kachi was planning to get married to another lady.

Another story had it that Rosie was the architect of their problem during which Kachi had no other option than to get her pregnant so she won’t have to split from him.

But according to Kachi, the baby was later aborted after he severally advised Rosie not to do it because that’s his first child.

At the moment, the lovebirds are on their separate ways after they finalized their break-up and called off their wedding in October 2020.

However, Kachi recently revealed when he’s likely to fall in love or settle down with another lady of his choice. And he disclosed during a question and answer session with fans on Instagram that she’s not settling down anytime soon.

And when asked the actual time it would happen, the reality star stated that he will settle down when God provides the right person for him.

The conversations read below.

Supporter: “Do you intend falling in love anytime soon?”

Kachi: “Not now”

Another supporter: “When are u settling down.”

Kachi: ”When God provides the right person for me.”