Laycon doesn’t love you, leave him alone – Icons tell BBNaija’s Lilo, allege she’s desperate

• As Lilo’s fans and some Laycon’s supporters kept ‘shipping’ for Laycon-Lilo relationship, some Icons alleged it’s desperation.

• Lilo responded to them saying that if ever Icons could share those hateful post, she believes they’re not real Icons.

Fans and supporters of Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television show winner Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba popularly known as Laycon has called out his co-housemate and bestie, Lilo over her alleged desperation to become Laycon’s girlfriend.


These Laycon’s fans referred to as Icons took to the social media platform to claim that Lilo’s fans has been trying hard to ship Lilo and Laycon under the umbrella of LWA meaning Laycon Wives Association.

On the Twitter platform, an Icon identified as Ejemenofili tweeted asking Lilo what’s her and the fans’ business with the LWA. The fan simply referred to what’s happening as desperation from Lilo and fans.

The tweet reads, “It’s Lilo’s fans crying for me oh. What is their business with LWA? The desperation is much.”

However, Lilo sighted the tweet and responded saying it’s very clear the people who are accusing her fans are not real Laycon’s fans because if the they were, such hateful post won’t be shared.

Lilo’s reply reads, “You’re clearly not an Icon cause if you are you won’t tweet with so much hate… I laugh in desperation.”

Meanwhile, we looked through Lilo’s post and saw that more Laycon’s fans dropped comments beckoning on her to leave Laycon alone to face his music as he’s not ready to go into relationship with her.

@jamokesh, “But make we talk true. Lilo nor care about Laycon one bit when dem dey bbn house..all of a sudden she just dey famz up and down. Dey tight laycon. Sister rest abeg. Laycon nor want you. Na he music he dey focus. Nor dey disturb am. Rest..”

Other commenters simply suggested that Icons and Lilo’s fans have to desist from ‘shipping’ the both of them because they’re already adults and know what’s good for them and can decide.

@greatchukwu2, “Is like all this LWA has to stop becos is now becoming something else, u all shld Respect Laycon personal lives and friends, haba is annoying, plsss @Liloaderogba on behalf of ICONS we are truly sorry plssss. U will be and forever be our president friend.”

@funmyky, “Not only LWA should stop, all shipping should stop, dis is causing disunity among us everytime,we are not entitled fans,let allow him to leave his life the way dat pleases him.”

@funmyky, “It is high time we address this issue finally, any icons dat ship Laycon with anybody rather dan is music a hater not an icon. Pls let stay out of his personal life,.what he does?who he is with or what he does with his friends,is not our business. Let respect him and his decision.”