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Fans wonder why BBNaija’s Ka3na shades Erica on this post, but here’s a point

• Some of Erica’s fans have seen Ka3na’s earlier post on Twitter as a shade to Erica and they’ve advised her to stop.

• Other fans believe Ka3na didn’t shade Erica but was only showing support for what Erica posted about people forcing her to be perfect.

Some fans and supporters of Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star, Erica have believed her colleague, Ka3na shaded her hours after she (Erica) made a post about perfection.

It could be recalled that on Monday night, November 9, Erica took to her Twitter page to express herself over her observation from her friends’ attitude toward her.

Erica began by writing that she has observed that the people she met after the BBNaija show have selfish interests toward her and are always seeking to have a problem with her, unlike the people she knew before the show who according to her, have been very supportive.

The reality star also added that people should desist from seeing her all the time as a perfect person because she’s not ready to bear that ‘perfect celebrity’ status. Her motive has always been to live according to her principles and not by pressures coming from people around.

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Erica wrote, “I’m not going to be your perfect celebrity all the time, I’m just a regular girl. I say what’s on my mind and it doesn’t have to be because of any drama

“If you put too much pressure to be perfect on a human being, they will be stressed. I just want to tweet like a normal person so please be guided.”

However, on Tuesday morning, November 10, Ka3na took to her own Twitter page to write, referencing on Erica’s previous tweet.

According to her, she’s not perfect but would love to be. Ka3na demanded for a place where she could get a tip of how to be perfect, adding that as long as we’re all human, we shouldn’t expect so much from people.

“I’m not perfect but I love to be. Please where do they sell PERFECTION? Guys we are still human STOP expecting so much already…,” Ka3na tweeted.

Meanwhile, some of Erica’s fans perceived Ka3na’s post as a shade and ‘sub’ to Erica advising that she stop hating on her colleagues.

@ideozu_hon; “You will be close to perfection when you stop hating and talking about a girl that did nothing to you, let love lead.”

@AnuiolluwaX; “Sub for Erica?”

But another fan countered them saying that Ka3na was probably in support of what Erica posted and her post doesn’t seem in anyway as a shade to Erica or anyone.

@Neye; “Learn to read 😂😂😂 she is supporting Erica with her tweet”

Well, whatever that might be, it’s left for the both reality TV stars to get themselves together and sort things out, if ever there’s any issues existing between them.

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