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BBNaija: Biggie issues strikes to Erica, Ozo, Kiddwaya, Tolanibaj for rules infringement

Barely a week after Biggie went on few days vacation, he returned with his heart so broken as a result of too much rules infringement by Lockdown Housemates.

Speaking to them in the lounge on Sunday afternoon, August 23, Biggie stated that Housemates flaunted so many rules and will be penalized for their actions.

First, Biggie issued two strikes to Erica for being found guilty of whispering and staying overnight in the Head of House lounge as guest. This means that one more strike will get her disqualified from the show.

Recall that as a Head of House, Housemate is permitted to allow one co-housemate into the HoH lounge as guest but isn’t permitted to sleep in there overnight.

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And to Ozo, one strike was issued for whispering and speaking without letting himself be heard by viewers. Two more strikes will send him out of the reality TV show.

The Head of House Kiddwaya and the Deputy Head of House Tolanibaj were found guilty of rules infringement and issued one strike each.

According to Big Brother, the two of them were to use the same bed in the Head of House lounge but they chose to sleep outside the lounge and on different beds.

To make the punishment more severe, Erica and Tolanibaj won’t be eligible to participate in the Head of House challenge for the next one week. And Kiddwaya will be ineligible for the HoH Challenge in the next three weeks.

For the rest of the Housemates, their Thursday Wager Task has been lost and there will be no hot water available in the House for the next few days. Biggie warned that no Housemate is permitted to use the water heater, kettle or pot to boil water within those few days.

In a nutshell, Erica has two strikes while Ozo, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj received one strike each.

Recall that Nengi was issued a final warning last week as a result of her infamous fight with the 5th evicted Housemate Kaisha. That’s to say, any more infringement will lead to a strike.

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