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BBNaija: Back and forth with NeoVee-ship, they finally call it quits (video)

Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates, Neo and Vee have yet again let misunderstanding take over the affairs of their smooth-sailing relationship.

The proclaimed NeoVee-ship last night, August 22 after the Saturday night party, hit the rock as they seem not in control of their toxicity with each other.

Neo expressed a disappointing situation where Vee has taken him as his houseboy who was brought from village down to Biggie’s House to be controlled.

Vee on the other hand made it known to co-housemates that she doesn’t like to be taken for granted and this according to her is what her BBNaija lover does.

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While sharing the ordeal with Ozo in the bedroom, Neo explained that Vee saw the need to get annoyed with him because of food.

He stated that when it was time for him to eat, he went to the kitchen to prepare his Poundo. But before then, he asked Vee what she would want to eat.

Then, while in the kitchen, Vee came along and saw him preparing his Poundo and demanded for the Semovita she earlier requested.

Neo asked her to wait while he finishes up with his Poundo. But Vee couldn’t exercise patient as she left the kitchen in anger and refused coming back as Neo demanded.

Recall similar incident occurred less than 2 weeks ago which was resolved after Neo took it upon himself to makeup with her.

Well, everything seems yet complicated as non of them have made a move to resolve their differences. We wait and see what they’re up to in the next couple of days.

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