BBNaija2020: How Wathoni and Tolanibaj tried poisoning Erica’s mind over Kiddwaya

The Lockdown Housemate, Erica has been in the picture with her co-housemate Kiddwaya whom fans already see as picture perfect partners. But on Thursday, July 30, all ‘shippers wanted to know was why the both of them were not on speaking terms.

Nevertheless, following Erica’s conversation with Ozo and Laycon about the situation between herself and Kiddwaya, we understood what went wrong.


Recall the truth or dare game where Wathoni picked Kiddwaya as her kiss partner and for everything she was dared to do after that, including showing Kidd a glimpse of her underwear.

Obviously, Erica may have been offended by that and has since been making flimsy remarks to Kiddwaya. And according to Kiddwaya, hearing her refer to the truth and dare game alongside words like “You are a player, I don’t think you’re serious”, made him back off.

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In the Dining Room, while explaining his side of the story to co-housemates Tochi and Bright, Kidd added, “I’m just trying to be nice, but she thinks I want to sleep with her.”

Dissimilarly, it’s ridiculous how Erica found comfort in the arms of Wathoni who earlier planned (with Tolanibaj) to sleep in Kiddwaya’s bed over the night.

And while trying to narrate to her new Lockdown friends, Erica told Tolanibaj and Wathoni that she’s realistically not the type to make friends easily, which explains her earlier mood of having a lot going on her head. To which Wathoni replied saying, “I thought it was Kiddwaya that made you sad”.

As they were in the conversation, Kiddwaya came to join them and as expected, they had to change the topic from his name. Instead the Wathoni and Tolanibaj started advising Erica to learn how to make friends with people by force in the Lockdown House.

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Immediately Kiddwaya left, Laycon came into the garden to join them and the conversation continued. Erica went ahead to tell them that she’s close to Laycon and Kiddwaya in the House, but she has only been able to connect more on a mental level with Laycon. While with Kiddwaya, she’s been nothing but flirty with him.

And as all these was going on, we could imagine what was going on in Wathoni’s mind. And it could serve as a green light for her to make a move.

After explaining her current ordeal in the House and why she thinks Kiddwaya isn’t a serious relationship type, Erica then asked Tolanibaj what she thinks of this situation. Thinking for some minutes, Tolanibaj answered, “Well, I find Kidd flirtatious..”. Erica agreed.

Sigh!!! Kiddrica-ship seems like a very important one and although there are some signs that the duo are attracted to each other, they need to save fans and ‘shippers the heartache and make it work even if by remaining as tight friends while they work things out.

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