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Adekunle wins BBNaija Level Up week three Head of House game

Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate, Adekunle has emerged winner of the week three Head of House game in the Big Brother Naija Level Up show.

Adekunle, who’s a Level 1 Housemate was crowned the winner of the challenge on Monday evening, August 8, at the Biggie’s arena after the Head of House challenge.

The new Head of House Adekunle has earned immunity from eviction this week, for himself, as well as his fellow Level’s Housemates. And this means that the Level with the Head of House will have to honour to nominate Housemates from the other Level for possible eviction.

Before the Head of House game, Big Brother noted,

“Housemates, it’s time for Head of House game. Rachel and Chizzy, welcome to Big Brother House. Before the game, incumbent Head of House Hermes, and two new Housemates who are named Riders Rachel and Chizzy are not eligible to play tonight.

“Similar to previous week, tonight’s game can have only one Housemates as winner. And there are immunity after tonight’s game. Immunity from eviction, and this immunity extends to all Housemates in their Level.

“Tonight’s game is divided into two challenges, only the top three Housemates can qualify for the second round.

“On the opposite end of your stool is another stool with simple string. You’re to carry your beads to the other stool one at a time using the table spoon provided. Never carry more than one bead at a time.

“Your challenge is to create the beaded necklace using the picture on your stool as a reference. The necklace you create must be an exact replica. That’s the bead placement must match in colour arrangement.

“Few instructions to remember while carrying out the task,

• “You must not carry a bead using anything but the table spoon provided.

• If a bead fall down while you’re carrying it to other stool, you’ll have to return to your starting point and try again.

• You are not to carry or move the reference picture provided. You must rely on your memory to remember the sequence or order of the bead.

• To signify that you have completed the challenge, kindly move to the mark line behind your stool and raise your beaded necklace”.

After the first round of the game, Big Brother mentioned the Housemates who defaulted his rule of the Head of House game. Modella and Sheggz, were hereby disqualified from partaking in the game.

Hermes, Rachel and Chizzy were given instructions to verify the beaded necklaces of the Housemates using the provided reference picture.

After their verification and Big Brother’s verification, Khalid, Adekunle, and Pharmsavi qualifed for the second round.

This challenge is timed at two minutes.

For each each ten tennis you must try to roll on the stool. You must place the tennis ball till the ball falls off the stool through the pipe hole.

You may not throw the ball, you may only roll it one ball at a time. Never place more than one ball on your stool at any given time. Also take note of the mark on the pipe as it signifies point to be awarded for each ball you successfully roll.

Your challenge is to score as many point as possible. If a ball falls off, you’re permitted to pick it. Ensure you stand behind the stool and not in front of the stool.

After the second challenge, Adekunle scored 25 points. Khalid scored 23 points. Pharmsavi scored 23 points. And this automatically makes Adekunle the winner of the Head of House challenge for week three.

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