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BBNaija: How Liquorose’s massive followers posed threat to co-Housemates – Ebuka

• Ebuka stated that it may seem as though Liquorose’s massive social media followers posed a big threat to her co-housemates, who may have felt it was a disadvantage to them.

Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu in a recent interview with Beat FM Lagos, revealed how it seemed the 1st runner-up of the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye show, Liquorose posed a threat to her co-housemates.

Liquorose, before going into the House, has about 700,000 followers on Instagram, with a lot of people already seeing her as the show’s potential winner, thanks to her Dance Crew, GGB, and viral dance videos.

Some co-Housemates who knew about her massive followership from outside the House, also assumed she would have a really upper hand over them in the show.

Unfortunately, Liquorose didn’t win, although she came out of the show as the 1st runner-up, with a lot more supporters to her credit.

So, in his opinion, Ebuka said it was obvious Liquorose was the viewers projected winner because of her massive fanbase, and this automatically seemed like a disadvantage to her co-housemates.

Ebuka said, “I think there has always been this talk… I know they’ve always sort of cut people off, saying, no, you have these many followers, we can’t let you win, bla bla bla.

“Organisers probably liked her when they saw her in the audition, I don’t know what their selection reasons are. But they also thought, this is going to be like, having a following means, you’re automatically going to win. And good enough for her, she had content. She was the best in tasks, which was where she won most money. She was in a relationship which kept people glued. And she danced a lot on Saturday night parties.

“You cannot say I have 700k followers and come and sit down. And she ended up not winning, so it means, the following wasn’t…. Although she took off far enough.

“So, was it a disadvantage to other people? May be. We don’t know, but at the same time, there are people who would come from that perspective, do well at the audition and you like them. So, people at the audition probably felt she’s a good Housemate. Let’s just give her a chance.”

Moreover, Ebuka also dropped few statement on why Big Brother Naija organizers allow Housemates from wealthy in the show.

According to him, viewers usually complain about Biggie having to pick people from rich homes. Ebuka reiterated that the whole idea of Big Brother has been to bring mixed of people from different background to see how they interact. And not all of them that appear wealthy are actually wealthy, some just have to package themselves to look like they have money.

He said, “These people probably don’t have money. The fact that someone packaged himself in a certain way and speaks okay, doesn’t mean they have money.

“A lot of these Housemates come from very regular homes. A lot of them. But they sound in a certain way. They’ve probably gone to school, so, they can speak English. Speaking English doesn’t mean you have money. Or the fact that you’ve watched a lot of movies or can talk about certain things or have experienced certain things doesn’t mean you have money.

“So, that perception is very weird. But I also don’t see anything wrong in having two, three, four Housemates who come from a certain level of the society, because the whole idea of Big Brother, originally is to put people together, a mixed of people. You can’t bring 20 people together who have experiences. You need to bring a mixed of people so you see how they interact.

“You know, you want to have someone who’s a billionaire kid and see how he interacts with an Okada rider for example or someone who has an experience of an Okada rider. He probably would never meet someone like that in his life, or probably interact with them. But now, you’re in a space for three months, how do they interact. So, you can’t take those elements away.”

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