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Reality TV star Dr Cherry narrates experience at hospital while trying to save life of underage pregnant girl

Ultimate Love season 1 reality television star and medical doctor Cherry Osigwe has lend a voice against the high rate of underage marriage in the country.

The Imo State-native who took to her Instagram page on Friday, May 14 said that it’s high time we get to fight and put an end to the underage child girl marriages.

Revealing the conversation she had with her colleagues at the hospital, Cherry noted that she wasn’t satisfied with the excuses the medical practitioners are giving on why the fight can’t be won.

And according to her, most doctors assume that it’ll be difficult to advice the Northern Muslims to stop marrying off underage girls as this has been their tradition since time immemorial.

Cherry however beckoned on the general public to share their views on how this child abuse can be brought to a befitting end.

She wrote; “It’s high time we really fight to put an end to this “Underage Girl Child Marriages”

“I had this conversation with my colleagues at the hospital and I wasn’t satisfied with the gibberish excuses they gave why this fight can’t be won🤦‍♀️… So am bringing this to the open and am really hoping for a better solution/results.

“Working at the hospital, I have seen 16yr old girls married to older men being rushed to Gyne Emergency on account of Postpartum Hemorrhage (bcos they were forced to put to birth at home in the most traumatic way🤦‍♀️) or IUFD(fighting for her life with a dead child inside her for days)🤦‍♀️…

“Some of these little girls keep dying bcos some old heartless creeps decided to marry them off at a very young age to a violent older man that will force themselves on them and still not give them the proper medical and Antenatal care to help their immature pelvis and womb through the process…

“I literally cried for one that bleed for days before giving up😔… trust me the Doctors tried their best but they have kept that poor child at home for weeks before bringing her in😒.

“…When I brought up this topic at our review, some Doctors said We can’t do anything about these occurrences bcos “You can’t tell a Northern Muslim to stop their traditional of marrying off underage girls, that they believe that when a girl can have s*x she can as well get married…” I refuse to accept this!!

“Please I need ideas on how to go about ending this type of camouflaged Child Abuse 😤…

“Please let’s put our hands together and save a Girl Child for a better future ✊ #saynotochildmarriage… DrCherry✍️

saynotochildabuse #saveachild #saveachildslife #saveachildtoday #saveachildmission #SAYNOTOUNDERAGEMARRIAGE✊✊“