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‘No Fake Love’ – BBNaija’s Lucy turns back Ka3na’s birthday message

• “Ka3na don’t toy with my feelings,” Lucy tells her ex-bestie after she sent her a birthday message.

Following their issues together which began in January as a result of Ka3na ending her friendship with close ally Lucy by unfollowing her on social media, Lucy has refused accepting her birthday wishes.

It could be recalled that Ka3na and Lucy became very close in the Lockdown House during which they were always seen together and doing things in common.

After the show, which ended in October 2020, their friendship continued till the new year.

In a disclosure made by Ka3na, she stated that her reason for ending her association with most of her colleagues was because she doesn’t want them in her business even though she didn’t hit the nail on the head.

“My darlings, do you even understand what Unfollowing Means? Let me educate you. UNFOLLOWING SIMPLY MEANS: “I don’t care if you exist. I don’t wanna see you. I don’t wanna be associated with you and I don’t want you in my BUSINESS.“ Can we do that 😡,” Ka3na tweeted in January 10, 2021.

However, during Lucy’s recent birthday, Ka3na took to her ex-bestie’s Instagram comment section to celebrate her but was turned back.

Lucy bluntly replied Ka3na’s birthday message saying that she shouldn’t toy with her feelings.

“Happy Birthday To A Special Woman You look beautiful Lucy,” Ka3na wrote.

And Lucy replied, “@official_ka3na don’t toy with my feelings @official_ka3na please don’t.”