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Nigerian celebrities who lied about their age (video)

• According to vlogger Tosin, Mercy Eke, Nengi, Regina Daniels, Chika Ike, and Cossy Orjiakor lied about their age.

Telling lies about their age has been one of the things some celebrities are known for. And it’s becoming paramount among the female ones.


It has been observed that many female celebrities lie about their age to the extent that their fans and supporters wonder why they do it.

But on a second thought, it’s believed they tell lies about their age in order to get what they want, mostly an opportunity at that moment which has to do with people believing they’re telling the truth.

One of Nigeria’s gossip vloggers, Oluwa-Tosin Silverdam recently made a list of top Nigerian female celebrities who lied about their age.

First on his list is Big Brother Naija season 4 winner, Mercy Chinenyenwa Eke who claimed she’s 27 years as at 2020. Followed by Lockdown ex-housemate, Rebecca Hampson, aka Nengi who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday.

Tosin further stated that Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels who said she’s 20 years old lied, as well as Chika Ike who has been known for years as an actress but insists she’s 35 as at 2020.

To his greatest surprise, the vlogger added that he never believed actress Cossy Orjiakor would also claim to be as young as 35 when she has put herself out in the movie scene for decades.

Tosin said, “Well, we know it’s not a new thing for people to lie about their age, politicians do it, footballers do it and then now, celebrities too, they’re doing it.

“And I’m wondering, why do these people lie about their age, is it that they’re ashamed of their age or what.

“It’s a blessing, when you grow old, it’s a blessing and I’m wondering, why do they lie about their age?

“Do you guys really believe that Mercy is 27 years old? Or that Nengi is 22 years old? Even Regina Daniels claimed to be 20 years old, 20 years old, ah!

“The one I’m actually surprised is Chika Ike. She said she’s 35 years old. 35 years old? Ah! I’ve been watching Chika Ike since when I’m in the secondary school and I’m 30 years old and you’re telling me Chika Ike is older than me with just 5 years?

“Chika Ike was once married oo. And she’s older than me with just 5 years old. Never!!!

“The one that shocked me most is this one, Cossy, she said she’s 35 years old.”

Watch video below.