After thorough investigation, Elites reveal Kiddwaya and his manager Linek’s plan against Erica

• Erica’s fans have busted Kiddwaya and his manager Linek after their plan to clout chase with the Star Girl.

• Elites investigated thoroughly and came to conclusion that Kiddwaya’s post about the alleged DM from Erica’s fan is fake.

There had been rumours going round which have it that Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star Kiddwaya and his manager Linek Ovie have ganged up to use his bestie, Erica for clout.


This started since after Kiddwaya and Erica’s visit to Sierra Leone during which they headlined the country’s foremost reality TV show, Housemates Salone.

Although, fans and supporters of both lovebirds have been strongly behind them until few days ago after Kiddwaya’s interview with Punch made the rounds.

In the interview, Kiddwaya made it known that he doesn’t have a love life which simply suggests that his relationship with Erica isn’t as healthy and sustainable as their supporters think.

And fans have become so irritated that Kiddwaya could make such disclosure publicly and without considering how his ‘alleged’ lover Erica would feel.

However, Kiddwaya and his manager Linek escalated the whole situation after they both shared a screenshot of a DM they claimed Erica’s fan sent to him about the interview.

And in the DM, the sender slammed Kiddwaya for honouring an interview just to say rubbish and possibly clout chase with Erica.

Later on, Erica’s fans launched a thorough investigation to ascertain the actual source of the DM. And with some evidence online, Elites have come to understand that Kiddwaya and Linek planned the DM themselves.

One prevalent evidence revealed by the Star Girl’s fans was the time stamp on the screenshot shared by Kidd and Linek. According to them, Linek constructed the message herself and sent to Kidd who both took a screenshot and posted on their respective Twitter pages.

Take a look at some of the evidence and reactions below.