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BBNaija’s Tacha in tears as she shares past experience (video)

Big Brother Naija season 4 Pepper Dem reality TV star and brand influencer, Natacha Akide simply known as Tacha has the shared past experience she had with the men of Nigerian Police Force years ago in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

And in line with the ongoing EndSARS and Police Reform protest, Tacha narrated the incident in order to express with an outpouring emotions, the kind of change Nigerian youths are really seeking for, from the government.


The inhumane arrest, treatment, abuse and unlawful detainment meted out on her was nothing to write home about and she didn’t relent revealing it to her fellow citizens after so many years of living with the trauma.

Tacha narrated; “We’ve all being on the street for like over a week saying the same thing, begging for our lives.

“It concerned everybody. God forbid, you need medical attention and you have just 5 minutes and the nearest health center doesn’t have the facilities to treat you.

“At that point in time, your private jet is not going to save you, your first class ticket is not going to save you, your trillion in your account is not going to save you. What is going to save you is that health care center in your country, Nigeria.

“I think it was 2017 or 16 or 18, I can’t remember and I was 20. It was a sort of December and my birthday actually. And I went out to have a lunch. And I was at the eatery till evening. I didn’t go home straight, I just wanted to say hi to a friend of mine.

“So, when I left the eatery, I went to see that friend of mine, I think she lost her mom and I went to send my condolences. I went to her house, she started explaining what happened and I sent my condolence and all.

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“I left her compound, walking to a road where I can get taxi or a bus to get to my house and I saw a van drive into the street. There were two boys on the street walking, and I saw the van driving. And the van which was actually a jeep. The boys were told to enter the van. I think it was two cars, a van and a jeep.

“And the boys told them like, what did I do, I’m a student, and showed them ID cards, they said, shut up.

“And they walked to me and said move, and I was trying to show these men my camera because I had my camera with me then and I told them it’s my birthday ooo, I’m not a traitor, I just went to see my friend that lost her mom I don’t know anything, I don’t know the boys.

“And they opened the boot, the two boys were in the boot and they told me to get into the boot. I had this braided hair on.

“So, immediately I put my mobile phone in my hair and tired it. They got some other boys, I don’t know if it were information they got to come to the street to pick up some guys. And they put everyone in the boot and I was in the boot.

“My phone was still in my hair. They went to the two boys, and they tried to show them their ID card because one of them was Corper and they seized the ID card, the other guy said I’m a student and they told him common enter inside the boot.

“And for me, I was just showing them my camera because I had my camera and I said, I am a content creator and today is my birthday, 23rd of December and they tried taking everyone’s phone but I still had my own phone inside my wig.

“And when I got to the boot, I texted my sister and said please tell daddy they have pick me up and I didn’t do anything.

“And while at the boot, I was so scared and where are these people driving to, I was so scared. And everybody was bending in the boot. They just put everybody in the boot like sardine and they shut it.

“When they go to the destination, a police station, they said everybody come down. And I told them, I’m a student, I school at Ignatius Ajuru University, this is my camera and today is my birthday and I told them that the reason why they saw me in that street was because a friend of mine lost her mom and I went to see her, these boys I don’t know them.

“And they took their phones and switched it off, the took us into the station and they told the boys to sit behind the counter.

“And they told an officer to take me to the female section of the cell. And you guys needed to see what a Nigerian girl looks like in the cell.

“The whole station was smelling, it was stinky, they put me in there. I saw two ladies there, one was young girl and the other one was a woman. The place smelling, the toilet was in there.

“It was terrible, and I brought out my phone from the wig and texted back my sister and said, have you told daddy, what’s happening. My dad came that night there.”

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