BBNaija: Nengi makes peace with her Uncle who refused to let her mom be buried in family house (video)

Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown Housemate, Rebecca Hampson simply known as Nengi has decided to forgive her Uncle who, when she was young, and her mom died, refused to let her be buried in the family house.

During Lipton Ice Tea task on Wednesday, September 23 in the Lockdown House, Big Brother informed Housemates that the first round of their task involved finding someone in their life who has offended them or they have offended, to make peace.


When it’s time for Nengi to make her presentation, she dedicated hers to the offense committed by her Uncle several years ago.

Nengi stated that she was very much hurt and has been bottling up the feelings after the man refused her late mom be buried in the family House.

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The former Miss Bayelsa, however said that it’s time for her and the Uncle to sit and have a discussion which will definitely lead to peace making.

Nengi said: “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Nengi. Today, I want to send a message of peace to my Uncle.

“He did something that really hurt my feelings when I was much younger. When my mom died and we were talking about how the burial will be and he said, who was Flora to bury her in the family house.

“So, what I am trying to say, I was a child then, so I couldn’t really say anything to him, so I just bottled it in but the people closest to me know that I’ve had a hard time forgiving him for talking about the person that matters to me in this life.

“And it happened barely not up to a week after she died, barely two days.

“So, I feel like for my own peace, I should let forgiveness take over, I should just let bygones be bygones.

“So, I move forward, and I’m ready to make peace with him. When I move out of this house, we can sit down and talk about it, because ever since then, we haven’t really sat down to talk.

“Or there hasn’t been room to make peace or have a decent conversation. So, that’s the only person I can think of that really hurt my feelings and I’ve lost connection with. Thank you”

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