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Tuoyo’s BBNaija lie hunts him, he reveals the truth, apologizes

Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem star, Tuoyo Ideh has expressed that the lie he told the world about who he is has been hunting him and it’s time he tells the truth.

He stated that his revelation of being a part-time stripper is a big lie and he’s currently regretting making such statement to the public.

Recall that during his entrance to Big Brother Naija season 4 show in June 2019, Tuoyo told show host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu that he’s a professional part-time stripper and psychotherapist.

But now, he shared a post one year later on Monday August 24, 2020 via his Instagram page to debunk his statement. He noted that his plans didn’t work as planned and he would want to apologise for misleading his fans and everyone who always see him as a stripper.

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He also added that one reason he told the lie was because of the competition he perceived in the BBNaija show he was about taking part in.

He tried living the lie because he has the body to back it up to look like truth, but the more he lives, the more he regrets choosing such a life.

Tuoyo wrote: “For over a year now I’ve been living a lie. Some people have advised me to go on with it but I fear for my mental health and my future so I’ve chosen to come out.

“Big brother was my biggest shot at fame and nothing in the world could have stopped me from grabbing it with both hands but somehow I felt like I wasn’t enough and I needed to do more and BE more in order to stay relevant and to get some extra clout.

I was desperate, the magnitude of the competition i was going for even made me more desperate so I attached a tag to myself – “I’m a Part-time Stripper” I said to the whole world.

“I got the hype I wanted but it was unsustainable, I couldn’t live up to it because actually that’s not who I am but because I have the body I tried to force it, to push if I could keep living the lie to make it become truth but the more I did, the more I regretted.

“I wasn’t deriving any pleasure and in fact I felt like I was making a fool of myself so I had to stop. And I’m here to say I’m sorry I lied, no one is perfect, my ultimate strategy has turned back to hurt my reputation and my brand.

“My name is Tuoyo Ideh AND I AM NOT A STRIPPER. You’ll be meeting the REAL me very soon. Cheers to a new beginning!!”

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