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BBNaija: ‘Attention seeking girl’ – Dorathy slams Nengi in midnight drama

In the midnight of Saturday which followed Sunday, August 2, Dorathy and her co-housemates Erica and Laycon had some important conversation about Nengi who they think is more attention seeking than she could be seen.

Dora wasn’t happy with the way Nengi seems to be handling her game which is probably making her feel she’s the only lady that can have every guys in the House craving for her.

Meanwhile, Erica during the same conversation told Laycon that Nengi still doesn’t want to talk to her despite their friendship before the House.

And to Erica, the attitude makes her think Nengi is unaware of what true friendship could make of the persons involved.

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Dorathy came in again mentioning that she has observed that Nengi see every Ladies in the House especially her (Dora) as competition which makes her put up some silly attitude and behaviours. Dora left some words saying that Nengi is an attention seeking a*s b*tch.

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However, the midnight gist won’t get to a point if the man of the moment, Ozo wasn’t mentally or emotionally taken into consideration.

You could recall that Ozo has been making moves towards Dorathy and Nengi, even though he has been told by the latter that she’s not ready or considering getting into relationship with any guy in the House.

Dorathy hasn’t outrightly made her opinion known to Ozo except that she just took him as that true friend she could talk freely with any point in time.

Besides, it could be a game plan for both of them and we all need to only be watching to see how it all plays out on the long run.

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