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BBNaija2020: Tolanibaj and Ka3na fight over food (video)

In the morning of Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown Housemates Tolanibaj and Ka3na took turns involving themselves in altercation.

The quarrel which escalated as a result of Ka3na not having it anymore with Tolanibaj who has since they made it into the House not helped in the kitchen.

Ka3na and her closet ally, Lucy have mostly been the ones preparing food for other Housemates who will sit around waiting for it to be done and probably served.

However, the altercation incident began when Tolanibaj who misunderstood Ka3na after she(Ka3na) told her to wait so the people that haven’t taken their breakfast take first.

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Tolani had before Ka3na started serving breakfast taken bread and egg while others wait to receive theirs from Ka3na.

But all the same, it still has to do with Tolani and some other ladies in the House not helping out in some of the kitchen tasks.

Here is the altercation video

And below are some of the reactions from viewers on Twitter. Some believe Tolani has to up her game while some others see Ka3na’s words as too bossy amd the fact that no one asked her to start helping out in the kitchen, she only made the decision herself from onset.

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