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Actress Angela Okorie’s fiance ChuChu impresses, tattoos her face on his back

Nigerian actress, Angela Okorie has received one of the biggest surprise of her life from new boyfriend, ChuChu who impressed her by tattooing her beautiful face on his back.

Angela recently got engaged to her man who hasn’t shown his face in any of their pictures together.


And going through the actress’ Instagram page, we came across a video which showed the both lovebirds having a good time.

While they enjoy each other with beautiful smiles, ChuChu left his bare body on display and the tattoo could be seen clearly inked on his back.

Watch video below

It could be recalled in our previous report that Angela’s new man also made a post on his page excitedly pouring out his happiness having found his missing rib.

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It’s also important to note that Angela Okorie was a single mother of one handsome boy named Chamberlain before she met her new fiance.

Angela was married to Mr Chukwuma Orizu and they had a son, Chamberlain Orizu together. Their union became questionable after so many rumours made round of her cheating on the husband. They likely separated in 2017.

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