Love Guest Cherry blasts trolls praying her partner Michael dumps her

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Ultimate Love star, Cherry Adannaya Osigwe has lashed out at trolls praying for her Ultimate Love partner, Michael Onyedikachi Ngene to dump her.

It could be recalled that since Cherry turned out to be outspoken, people take out time to fire back at any of her post on social media.

And recently, Cherry alleged that some trolls are coming to her page to wish bad over her companionship with Michael.

She explained that she has never been dumped by her ex-boyfriends. Matter of fact, she only on a long run decides whether the relationship will work for her or not and never the guy dumping her.

Cherry further noted that relationship is like temporal business partnership where both parties put in work to make it profitable and if God’s willing they are genuinely happy with the progress together, then it’s left for them to make it a permanent business partnership.

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She wrote;

“Those talking and typing shit on how my Man is going to dump me Bla! bla!! bla!!! Let me reset your brains a little, Relationships are like temporal business partnership, where both parties put in work to make it profitable and if God willing you both are genuinely happy with your progress together, then you can make it a permanent business partnership.

“So enjoy your partnership while it last and pray it becomes permanent , but if it doesn’t, no regrets because you both enjoyed it together.

“FYI: I have never been dumped, feel free to ask my exes, I call it off whenever I feel it ain’t working for me. Not bragging tho, but Yeah I am that Good”


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