Trolls exasperate BBNaija Ike Onyema, he reacts

It’s not a new thing that social media trolls have found joy in frustrating the lives of celebrities especially the privy ones who dedicate less or no time in observing the backlashes.

Some of the trolls come strategically prepared to dish out all the negative stuffs they have on their celebrity prey.


Moreover, it comes to a point when everything is dawn on the affected individual to speak out or share the worries with others who can in one way or the other help with advice.

In view of that, ex-Big Brother Naija reality Tv star, Steve Ike Onyema became a victim of social media troll recently and he has shared his worries which got everyone’s attention.

According to Ike, he doesn’t understand trolls and their unapologetic act sometimes. He continued that most of them gain the attention they seek but keep pressurizing ahead.

The reality star was completely worried that the trolls have lost respect even after they have gotten what they wanted out of their trolling acts. “Was it worth it?, he asked

See his post below;

“Don’t understand trolls sometimes.. you gained attention but lost respect, Was it worth It?”