Journalist Taiwo Alabi alerts public on Israeli Nigerian based man who’s unknown to people as scammer

Nigerian journalist, Taiwo Alabi took to his Instagram page to alert people on a man who’s identified as Israeli and based in Nigeria whose sole job is to defraud and scam people.

According to Taiwo, he met the man at Osun State CID detention where he was detained unlawfully for covering a riot that happened in Iwo town, Osun State in 2018.


However, Taiwo remembers that the Israeli man was also brought in detention centre as a result of trying to scam the then Osun State deputy governor.

He and the man got to know themselves at the time when the man also revealed to him that scamming is the only business he does haven lived in Nigeria for over 20 years and that he was being detained for trying to scam the deputy governor.

Years later, he saw the man at Ogba Aguda, Lagos when he entered a shop to buy stuffs and recognized him. He then approached the man to introduce himself, the Israeli claimed he doesn’t know him, rushed into his car and ordered driver to speed off.

Taiwo’s post below;

“I first met this man right here, an Israelite in Osun State CID detention where was detained for 2 weeks after I was arrested during a riot I was covering in Iwo, Osun State in September, 2018.”

“He was brought in to my detention after he was arrested attempting to scam the then Osun State deputy governor with his accomplice. He spent like a week in the police detention before he was released. He was actually released the same day I was released. He paid roughly 300k or more than that before he was released.”

“In the cell, we got close with others and he made it clear to us that he’s been doing the scamming business for all his life and he has spent more than 20 years here in Nigeria while his family resides in Israel.”

“Yesterday, I saw him at Ogba Aguda when he entered a shop to buy stuffs, I approached him and introduced myself as a former inmate (laugh) and I saw that he could remember but denied not knowing me. He rushed into his car and order the driver to speed off.”

“Why am I saying these? I just want people to be careful around him and should not do or run business with him. He’s a full time scammer.”


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