Checkout Hilarious Comments As Vet Advises Nigerians To Quit Being Scared Of Snakes

Ugochukwu Madu

Fearless Nigerian veterinarian identified with the handle @danielaremson, has taken to Twitter to advise Nigerians to kill their fear of snakes, not to run, shout or get the stone nearest to them whenever they see snakes.

For an average human, a snake is one thing that must be avoided at all cost as it is seen, tested and believed to be a dangerous and dreaded animal whose single bite leaves victim at the mercy of its venom.

Now, for someone, a veterinarian to come saying people should not be scared of snakes is really a thing to ponder on and find out what may likely be his reasons.

Check out his tweets below.

LOL… sounds interesting but trust Nigerians na… They ain’t interested at all and here’s how they responded to his advice… And their tweets are so damn hilarious…. Check them out below:

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