Ultimate Love: How Love Guests nominated each other as couples on 1st nomination day

The Ultimate Love Guests now playing the game as couples had their first ever nomination session today, Sunday, February 23 during the live show.

And each couple were mandated to nominated two couples who they want up for eviction on the next live show.


After all the couples were taken to the nomination auditorium, they were given marker and paper to ink down two couples of their choice.

Chivia couple (Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia) and Jeriton couple (Jerry and Meriton) got the most nomination, that’s 5. While PreshDavid (Presh Talker and David) received 4 nominations.

Below is the outcome of the nomination according to each couples.

1. PreshDavid couple nominated ObiEbi and Chivia couples

2. JayKech couple nominated Chivia and Jeriton couples.

3. Jeriton couple nominated Micherry and Iykeresa couples

4. Bolar couple nominated PreshDavid and ObiEbi couples

5. Jelo couple nominated ObiEbi and Micherry couples.

6. ObiEbi nominated PreshDavid and DoubleChris couples.

7. Iykeresa couple nominated Chivia and Jeriton couples

8. Chivia couple nominated Jeriton and PreshDavid couples

9. Micherry couple nominated Chivia and Jeriton couples

10. Roksie couple nominated PreshDavid and Jeriton couples

11. DoubleChris couple nominated Chivia and Iykeresa couples


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