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Listen to Robert George – Mighty God + Lyrics

“Disclaimer: The song, Mighty God is a track recorded by Nigerian gospel singer, Robert George. However, the download link below is authorised by the artiste.”

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A.K.A  (PRESTO G) Lyrics

What is it Jesus can not do
What is it He can not do
Chukwu Ebube e e nke ne yin ike ndu o
Chineke ee na gani n ke ya

What is it you can not do
Lilly of the valley eee
You’re brighter than morning stars
He made all things beautiful in its time
You made way where there is no way

Call:   We call you Elohim                                                                                          Resp: Elohim
Call:   Adonai
Resp: Adonai
Call: You are mighty God
Resp:  Mighty God
Call:     your name is
All:       king of kings
Cal:     You are Elohim
Resp:   Elohim
Call:     Adonai
Resp:   Adonai
Call:     Mighty God
Resp:   Mighty God
All:        King of kings
            What is it Jesus 
             can not do
             What is it He can
             not do
Call:  chukwu chukwu ee
Resp:   chukwu Ebube n
             ke ne yin ike ndu
Call:     Chineke mo ooo
Resp:   Chineke na gani
             nke Ya a
Call:     Oooo /chukwu ee
Resp:   Chukwu ebube e
            nke ne yin ike ndu
           Chineke Na gani
            nke ya a
Call:    ooooooo / what is
All:      what is it Jesus
            can not do
Call:     you move in a
            power oo
           What is it He can
            not do
Call:    we call you Elohim
Resp:    Elohim
Call:      Adonai
Resp:    Adonai
Call:   You’re mighty God
Resp:    mighty God
Call:      your name is
All:        king of Kings
Few:      Elohim
Few:      Adonai
Few:      Mighty God
Few:      king of kings

Call:    Alagbara /3×
           Ala…gbara ooo./
Resp:  Alagabara/3×
Call:    Ebube dike.you
        that hold the life. /ee
Resp:   Ala….gbara oooo
Hook:-O yeah Alagbara o
You are the mighty God                                                                 we give you all the glory
We bless your name Jesus, Yeah… Lord you’re the Might God            Lord Heaven and Earth adores you.
Angels bow before you cos you are the God all by yourself.
We give you glory,  We give you honour God. There is no one like you Jesus.
You hold all power in your hands God, You’re a mighty God

Call:  call him Jesus/ call him powerful

         Yeah…that is who you are Jesus, Maker of the univers
          Lord we enthrone your majesty

Call:     Ebube dike
            We see power
Resp:   Power
Call:     we see miracles
Resp:   Miracles
Call:      we see glory
All:        your majesty
Call.      I want to hear
            you’ Tell me what
            did you see
Resp:   power
Call:   what did you see e
Resp:   miracles
Call:     May your glory
           filled in this temple
           here, Yeah power
Call:    we see power
Resp:  power
Call:    we see Miracles
Resp:  Miracle’s
Call:    We see glory
            every were
Resp:   your Majesty
Call:     Tell me -Tell me
Resp:   power
Call:    we see your
            working Miracles
Resp:   Miracles
Call:    you made the
            lame to walk, you
      made the blind to see
            Lord heaven and
            earth speak of
            your glory your
            Majesty God.
Tell me what did you see
Few:     Power
Few:     Miracles
Few:     Glory everywhere  Few:      your Majesty…