Miz Wanneka narrates her ordeal with policemen who sexually harassed her


Nigerian entrepreneur and businesswoman, Nwanneka Nkumah popularly known as Miz Wanneka narrates her ordeal with Nigeria policemen who she claims harassed her.

Miz Wanneka took to her social media page to share a disturbing story of how she was harassed and abused by policemen while on her way back from work at about 1 am Friday, November 8.

According to her, the policeman stopped the car she boarded home and asked them to open the car for searching. As the policemen searched and came to where she was sitting, they tried to forcefully open the middle compartment of the car, she cautioned the police to use the bottom. The policeman who she assumed was high started shouting as he picked offense from Miz Wanneka’s statement.

However, the anger on the policeman became worst when Miz Wanneka tried to film the ordeal with her phone which the policeman tried to confiscate but she hid it under her skirt, the policeman without knowing the consequences of what he’ll do extended his hand right under Wanneka’s skirt and took the phone.

Meanwhile, people have already gathered to check out what was happening while Miz Wanneka was battling it out with the three policemen at the point she was injured and lost some of her nails.

She wrote;

So I was going back home from  work at exactly 1am this morning and this police men, I don’t even know what this ones are called , stopped the car I was in and asked us to open the car for a search which we did and he searched everywhere, came to where I was sitting and tried to forcefully open the middle compartment, I said “ oga use the bottom Abeg don’t force it”.

“Then this police man who I assumed was already high on drug or something started shouting  that y must I tell him that , I was first shocked and trying to understand where the sudden shout came from and he immediately started saying , you must be mad and all the curses on his mouth.”

“It was 1am in the morning , and the only thing I could do was try to reach out to my phone while he was still shouting. Immediately he saw my phone, he forcefully tried to take it from me, I quickly put the phone under my skirt and the police put his hands right under my skirt and took the phone.”

“I tried to reach out to my other phone, he held me sooo tight and broke 1 of my nails, I started bleeding, I got down from the car and held his shirt, then 2 more came out , started dragging me everywhere. 3 men on 1 woman, wow @nigerianpolice u can do better. They dragged me untill the broke 3 other nails and all 3 started bleeding again.”

“I held the man, told him to kill me which he actually tried to do. I took off my sneakers and told him we will both die there today. All 3 of them started assaulting me and pushing me around untill people came around and they started begging.”

“I refused and told them they must take me to the station since that’s what they wanted to do, I held on to his shirt cause they were trying to run away and of purse , all 3 of them over powered me , and then ran away with my sneakers.”

“@nigerianpolice  @nigerianpoliceambassador @ruggedybaba I need you people to help ask this people what criminal offense they caught me on before inflicting all these injury. I was quietly sitting in the car while they were searching, I stopped when they asked I stoped, I didn’t stop them from doing their jobs untill they guy started abusing me .this was happening just 2 mins away from my office.”


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