Nigerian lady says a guy still got her engaged after 6 years of shunning him, dating his best friend, brother and father

Felix M. Okoye

A Nigerian lady identified as Omo Tailor (@misterlachi) revealed that a guy she curved for 6 years still decided to get her engaged.

According to her, she has dated the guy’s best friend within those years of pushing him aside for other persons.

Even more @misterlachi said she has also dated the guy’s colleague at work and his brother but he kept holding on.

The lady went on to say that she has at a time used the guy’s dad as her sugar daddy but he didn’t relent. He kept waiting.

The lady however said she couldn’t believe the guy still loves her after all those years of leaving him aside for others. She sure believes the guy saw something in her that kept him strong.

Her tweet reads below:

Omo Tailor 🇳🇬 (@misterlachi) Tweeted:
“Curved him for 6 years, I’ve dated his best friend, his brother, his colleague at work, his Dad was even my sugar daddy at a time. I can’t believe He still loves me this much! He saw something in me!!!. HAPPILY ENGAGED 💍.”

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