Regina Daniels throws her friend, Cassie out of her house

Felix M. Okoye

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels according to a family source has thrown out her best friend Cassie.

Reports have it that the actress stopped Cassie from coming to her house and deleted all her photos from Instagram.

Even more, the news currently making rounds state that Regina did all that because Cassie allegedly tried to seduce her hubby, Ned Nwoko.

The source is quoted as saying.. ‘“Cassie is so in love with Regina’s hubby Ned Nwoko and could not control herself around him.”

“One day someone caught her alone with Ned and it looked ‘somehow’ as she had a strange look and Ned allegedly had a wet look on his ‘Jalabia’”, the source continues.

Meanwhile, Regina had been warned by friends about Cassie but she did not listen and always maintained that she trusted her.

The insider stated; “Even Ned had asked Regina severally to advise Cassie to dress appropriately but she always dressed like Regina around the house and wore very skimpy outfits”.

“The person who met her with Ned alone raised the roof and insisted Cassie must leave the house”.

The inside source alleged it was Regina’s mum who walked in on Regina’s hubby and Cassie but the information is not verified yet.

Recent reports flying round rumoured that Regina’s recent dramatic weight loss has to do with her being seriously sick from some kind of poisoning and the informant, also that the young actress recently suffered a miscarriage.

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