DCP says some Constables don’t know who Nigeria’s president is

Felix M. Okoye

It was quite a surprising day for DCP, Sola Okediji as he was kept wondering why some Police aspirants can’t answer a simple question put across to them.

Mr Sola Okediji, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Federal Capital Territory, has said that some constables aspiring to join Nigeria Police Force could not give the name of Nigeria President and the Chief Justice of the country.

Okediji disclosed this at the investigation and sensitisation on rule of law training for FCT police officers, organised by the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption (RoLAC), on Friday in Abuja.

RoLAC programme is funded by the European Union and managed by the British Council.

Okediji, who said he was posted to Rivers State as part of those to interview prospective constables to be enlisted into the Nigeria police, said he was stunned when a constable could not answer the question put to him.

He said that he had asked the prospective constable “what is the name of the President of Nigeria”, to which he could not proffer an answer.

Okediji also said that he posed another question to the intending constable as to “who is the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN),” to which he could not also answer the question.

The DCP said he had no choice than to fire the constable immediately, adding that the Nigeria police would not condole such ignorance, adding that such ignorance was unacceptable to the Nigeria Police.

Mr Okediji said that some of the constables whose certificates showed they obtained five credits at the Senior Secondary School Examination were unable to defend the certificate.

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