Semi nude van dancers: Tekno apologizes and explains to the public

Tekno speaks up on video of half-clad girls dancing on the streets of Lagos 

Following the story of a transparent van conveying half clad women dancing around in Lekki area of Lagos State.
Popular singer and music producer Tekno has taken to his social media handles to explain and apologize to the general public for the inappropriate sight of ladies dancing around with him in a transparent van in Lagos.


It was gathered that the said transparent van conveying semi-nude women had the Afro-pop singer performing in it, as they half-dressed women sashied around him.

There had been initial speculation that the van belonged to an advertisement outlet who might be advertising for a club. It was later gathered that the sensational “Pana” singer was behind it.

Tekno explained that they were in between video shoot locations, as they were conveying the girls around that to meet up for a video shoot schedule. 

thJe however, dismissed speculation that they were advertising for a club or any other business neither were they deliberately dancing half-clad for public view.

The singer further stated his commitment to maintaining the decorum and decency of the state. Apologizing to anyone who might have been offended by the inappropriate sight.