R. Kelly faces new cases of underage sexual assault in two states

Felix M. Okoye

Last Friday in New York, R.Kelly pleaded not guilty to a racketeering case that charges him for recruiting girls for sex while on tour.

R. Kelly has always been buzzing in the news for scandalous cases of sexual abuse. He was brought to Brooklyn court from Chicago where he was previously being held pending child pornography cases.

“Yes sir,” was all Kelly answer, dressed in blue prison scrubs, said during the arraignment, when asked by the judge whether he understood the charges against him.

He was dressed in the standard issues prison scrubs while he showed up for the case.

During the trial in Brooklyn, he answered “yes sir” when asked by the judge whether he understood the charges being leveled against him.

Sitting in the court house with him were fans and families of the abused girlfriends. Some of his family members were also in the court.

The supporter swore branded T shirts that called for Kelly’s Justice, some read “Free R Kelly” while “Unmute R Kelly” was written on the back. Others read ” Justice 4 R Kelly”.

It was discovered that his normal antics is to issue writsbands to the girls, this allows them back stage pass for his shows. The girls are to call him “daddy”.

Through the members of his entourage, he would collect the contact information from the girls he wished to see another time. The chosen girls will be invited for other shows where they would be provided with hotel accommodation.

The girls are not to leave the accommodation without express permission from the singer, even to eat or use convenience, the documents stated this.

The Brooklyn case involves five unidentified women, three of whom were minors at the time of the alleged crimes, which include coercing sexual activity.

There were also cases of kidnapping and exposure to STD, without the knowledge of the victims.

Kelly, the whose given name is Robert Kelly, additionally faces charges of violating the Mann Act, which prohibits transporting people across state lines for purposes of prostitution.

Unforseen Danger

Following the arraignment in New York, Kelly is expected to be taken back to Chicago, where he is being held on suspicion of having sex with five underage girls, recording some of it, and then attempting to hide the evidence.

Kelly must attend a status hearing in the Midwestern city on September 4, has pleaded not guilty to that 13-count indictment.

Just last month, he was denied bond after prosecutors described him as “an extreme danger to the community, especially to minor girls,” arguing that neither house arrest nor electronic monitoring would suffice.

Prior to his arrest in July over the federal indictment, Kelly had been out on bond in connection with state felony charges of aggravated sexual assault in Chicago’s Cook County criminal court.

Kelly has a decades-long history of abuse allegations, especially of underage girls.

In 1994, he wed his protegee Aaliyah, the late R&B star who was 15 at the time.
After a dramatic trial, Kelly was acquitted in 2008 of child pornography charges, also in Chicago.

Despite the slow of disturbing claims against him, the award-winning musician continued to perform for years and maintained a solid fan base.

But he began facing renewed scrutiny earlier this year upon the release of the docu-series “Surviving R. Kelly,” which nabbed an Emmy Awards nomination for outstanding informational series or special.

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