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BBNaija: ‘It never happened’ – Maria clears, as she narrates scenario that made Pere claim he f*ngered her (video)

• Maria said that Pere would always poke her so as to see how she would react, plus his attitude of over-exaggeration and making up stuffs.

Ex-Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye contestant and reality television star, Maria has shared her own side of story on the claim by her co-housemate, Pere, who said he fingered her in the House.

Recall that prior to Maria’s eviction last Sunday, Pere had conversation with Boma, where he was heard narrating how he slept on Maria’s bed and had some intimate moment with her, which led to him, f*ngering her.

While reacting to that, Maria, during her media rounds with Beat FM Lagos, debunked Pere’s claim. She told the interviewers that what Pere said never happened. And she believes Pere must have made that claim because of how she (Maria) severally refused him access.

Narrating what happened on a certain night, Maria said; “There were so many things that were said. If, I mean, the people who watched the whole clips, that’s, the outside actually watched it.

“It started with him asking, like, ‘why haven’t you been talking to me like I missed talking to you’, And stuff I said. Maybe these were not the exact words, but this was like what I meant.

“I said, ‘you’re oblivious to what you’ve actually done,’ and he was like, ‘what, so I brought that up,’ I said, ‘why would we be playing truth in there and you bring up like something that never happened’. So, he looked at me and he said, ‘Maria, it did happen.” So, laughing, I’m like what are you talking about, like, what happened, why are you making up stuff, we’re literally on national TV.

“Like, I don’t know if people also watched the part that Pere, not on that same day, different day, read my palm and he said, ‘oh like, your relationship is going to end in like two months’. I’m like, ‘definitely and you’re not going to believe anything I’m saying to you now but I’m definitely going to get married to you, I know it sounds crazy to you but I saw that the timeline and the path line was there’.

“So, I’m laughing, now he was like, ‘you’re literally full of BS’. So, we carried on, and I said to him, ‘don’t do this, like, you do know my situation outside the House’. So, this is just trying to sabotage stuff, it’s literally unfair’. He goes, ‘oh okay Maria, we did nothing, nothing happened’. I said, ‘so why have you just done this,’ and he was facing the camera, I don’t know if you guys know where the cameras are, but he was facing the camera right at the party door.

“So, I looked at him, and I looked at the camera, and I was like, ‘oh I see what he’s doing’, like, he’s actually because he’s the one facing the camera and I was facing him, so, I clocked on a little bit. So, I said to him, ‘why are you doing all these,’ and he goes, ‘oh okay, cool Maria, it never happened’. I said, so, minutes ago, you just said, it did happen and now I’m talking. He goes, ‘because you’re making me lie on TV that it never happens, I’m just going to do that for you’. And literally, that’s when I said what I said.

“I don’t know, I literally thought I had a friend named Pere in that House, but obviously, coming out, I’m hearing stuff and stuff for myself, but ‘pride’ said that.

“I think two weeks prior, that’s two days ago, immediately in the House, I actually just started noticing a lot of stuff and I think I did say this to Peace and Nini in the executive lounge.

“Pere knows how to dig at me to get a reaction. Pere, unfortunately makes up stuff, or like he over exaggerates stuff. I don’t know why he did what he did that day, because, the two nights, he was actually talking about… however he decided to bring this narrative out, he was actually in my bed that night.

“And what always happens when Pere comes to my bed, it’s like, he knows I don’t want him on my bed and we’re joking about it. And I know the cameras are watching. I don’t want to keep embarrassing him and I say, ‘Pere, not tonight, you’re going to…’. And he just dives on or just forces himself on it and I feel bad embarrassing him on national TV to say get out of my bed.

“But, half of the times, I wake him up in the middle of the night, and he has no choice, because he’s sleepy and he’s not understanding, he leaves my bed.

“So, actually, that particular night, Pere was leaning forward to me to actually try and kiss me, but there was no covers, no nothing, the cameras would have seen that and I kept leaning back and, I was dead sleepy, I was going to go bad, I laid properly facing Sammie’s bed, Sammie actually sleeps ‘on top of me’ and a bit lower, and I’m facing that way.

“I didn’t know all of this till Jackie B, actually, it wasn’t Jackie, it was one of the interviews I heard someone had narrated how he actually went into details about what happened.

“So, I was actually laid on my chest, then Pere then puts his hands over me, so I kept kicking his hands up and even at some point, I demarcated the covers.

“Pere is a friend and like, sometimes, I don’t want to hurt him, I don’t want to be horrible to him, that I’m just laughing about stuff all the time and I think that’s what makes it really annoying because I’m joking about sh**ts.

“So, even when I demarcated the covers, like, he carried on and I was sleepy, so, I just gave up and he literally had his hand across me and I slept off in the middle of the night and I woke up, and took his hands off and I tapped him, and was like, ‘do you mind going back to your bed,’ and he left.

“So, all of that never happened again. Pere exactly just did the same thing in regards to Jackie B. He loves literally poking me just to get a reaction.

“Prior to the first week that we got into the House, he was always saying, ‘I really like you, I really like you,’ and I was just like, ‘oh yeah, whatever, it’s probably just bullsh**t’.

“And he’ll call Saga, he’ll call Boma, he’ll be like, ‘oh guys come here, can you tell her, she was the first girl that I found attractive, as soon as she walked into the show’. Saga would be like, ‘oh Maria no, he definitely even told us to stay away.’

“So, he does that the night that I fake-evicted him, he really thought he will leave the House. He went to Jackie B and said, he didn’t know he was not going to leave. He said to Jackie, ‘I do have something to tell you, but I will tell you just right before I leave’.

“So, he didn’t end up leaving, so, Jackie approached him and said, ‘what is it’, and he said actually, ‘you were the first girl that I found attractive when I first saw you.’”

Hear from Maria in the video below.