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Ultimate love stars Iyke and Theresa on how they almost broke up (video)

• “No relationship is perfect,” says Iyke and Theresa as they open up on the shortcomings in their relationship since coming out the Love Pad.

Ultimate Love season 1 reality television stars and 2nd runner-up, Iyke Nnama and Theresa Ifeoma Ugorji popularly known as Iykeresa have shared in their latest vlog things that almost made them break up in their relationship.


Iyke and Theresa were one of the couples who took part in the 2020 season 1 Ultimate Love reality show held from February to March.

The couple, who were also known as fans’ favourite after the winners, Kachi and Rosie, came out and continued in their relationship with each other, even though many of their colleagues who got engaged broke up along the line.

However, in this latest vlog, the Ultimate Love couple revealed it all concerning the bad side of their union, adding that people have always seen the good side.

According to them, one of the incidents which almost left them separated was when after they came out of the Love Pad, Theresa’s ex’s began showing interest in her again by always calling and texting her on phone.

And one day, when Iyke decided to make use of Theresa’s phone, he saw several text messages sent to her. He got mad and took it all serious with her which led to them making moves to call it quits.

The next issue which almost led to their break up was when a fan contacted Theresa telling her that Iyke was cheating.

According to Theresa in the vlog, she was shocked that the person she loves so much has decided to love another woman without her consent.

During that period, she confronted Iyke but later realized that this fan lied to her just to make her break up with her man.

Watch video below to hear more from the couple, including their advice to potential lovers.