Life Coach Chikezie Chiedu reveals why BBNaija’s Erica has the most sustainable fanbase

• Nigerian entrepreneur Chikezie Chiedu believes Erica’s sustainable fanbase will keep her around for years.

• He added that Erica needs to be studied because she’s probably the most genuine housemate BBNaija has produced.

A Nigerian man identified on social media as Chikezie Chiedu, a PR and Life Coach has described in a detailed post the reason he thinks Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star Erica has more sustainable fanbase than her counterparts.


According to Mr Chiedu, people connect more to character in the show such as BBNaija and it’s always noticeable that character fades but it’s Erica’s person.

He added that Erica is undoubtedly the most genuine person that has ever taken part in the Big Brother Naija show and she needs to be studied.

He wrote, “I strongly believe that StarG has the most sustainable fan base that will be around years to come

“For others it’s the character in the show people connect to, which fades. For StarG, it’s her person. She’s probably the most genuine person on the show ever. She needs to be studied.”

He continued in another tweet stating that the problem with Erica’s haters is that they kept on wondering why she has it all and so lucky and all their bad wishes have failed.

“The hate is a little more transfer of aggression on VP. Their problem is actually StarG.. How come she has it all, why must she be this lucky? The powerful fan base, the endorsements, and the most sort after guy. And how come the ill wishes failed. They’re in a bad place 😂,” Chikezie added.

And on the final note, he opined that Erica has the fame and power even though there’s price she has to pay for the life she has chosen. When someone like the Star Girl commands such power, it comes with negativity, but it’s believed Erica has the capability to swim against the tide because she was born for it.

“Like I always say, there’s a price she has to pay for the life she has chosen.. When you command such level of star power, it comes with its equivalent negative baggage.

“I believe in her capacity to swim against the tide.. She is born for this. I won’t pity her, I believe in her,” Mr Chiedu tweeted