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BBNaija’s Erica rejects offer from her fans, Elites, here’s why

• Erica’s fans agreed to sponsor her proposed vacation to a popular island but she insisted she won’t allow them do that.

• Erica gave her reasons on a Twitter post saying that Elites have done more than enough for her.

Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown reality television star, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim has rejected an offer from her fans to sponsor her vacation.

The reality TV star, who believes her fans have tried enough for her objected after few of them, who saw her tweet where she stated that she needs a vacation on an island, demanded they take care of the trip.

It could be recalled that Erica earlier shared some tweets barely 24 hours ago expressing the disgusting attitude of some people she met after the BBNaija show.

And according to her, those set of people are known for their selfish interests and she compared them to the people she knew before the show and concluded that the latter had no issues when associated with.

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She also added in her tweet that people should stop forcing her to be perfect as no one can be as long as each person live in accordance with some principles.

However, after her Twitter rant, she wrote that it’s time for her to take some days off on an island with no phones.

“Now I’m 💯 sure I need a vacation on an island and with no phones,” Erica tweeted.

Some of her fans took to the comment section advising her to pick a location for her vacation so Elites can see to the expenses. But Erica insisted.

@daphyluvy; “Just pick a place and we’ll pay.”

Erica; “No. Thanks”

Another fan came with a comment telling Erica that her fans have done it before and are ready to do it even one more time, but she kept her words. Erica noted that Elites have tried for her and she doesn’t need to disturb them anymore.

@Amaryllis; “Why? Mossss they are offering to give just like they’ve given before.”

Erica; “They’ve done more than enough🙏🏾”

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