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How actor Timini Egbuson was caught cheating on his girlfriend, Lydia

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Nigerian multiple award-winning Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson has been accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Lydia Agahan.

In the news which have been making waves since past 24 hours, Timini was exposed by Toju, his mistress (known in slang as side chick).


In a long social media bluster, Toju and her friend called out Timini’s girlfriend, Lydia for threatening them over sleeping with her man and promised to even do more.

Toju and the friend identified as Baddestchef opened up and revealed they’ve slept with Timini so many times, adding that they will deal with Lydia if she sends them threats again.

The ladies advised Lydia to accept whatever wrong Timini does behind her because as it stands, he is a celebrity and should be for everyone. They simply termed that the actor is for the streets. Read Toju and her friend’s posts below.

Toju (@Toritse): “I’ve been freeing your stupid ass you no leave me, I slept with your fking boyfriend, are you the first? You want to fight me? You really want that smoke?

“Yes i fvked him not once and not twice you can ask him. You don’t want me to have peace you won’t have peace. You want to rack, come let’s actually do it.

“What the hell did i do to you? Go and control your man don’t fcking try me. You want to form on sight with me everytime. Gimme a time and a place Lydia l’ll beat you up you. Leave me the fvk alone.

“When you see me, pull up on me Lydia let’s end this p abeg. if you point at me one more time in public I’ll destroy your face”

THEE CHEFF (@Baddestchef): “Sis is so so pressed, focus on your life and your upcoming fame, you wanna rack abi? @LydiaaGahan you don’t have shame and you are busy going around fighting for man that is for the streets, quick focus on yourself na boyfriend when no dey cheat, na dem they fight for.

“Ur man is for the streets o, better focus on yourself sis you think you can embarrass me and my friends, Imao i will drag your ass and expose your stupidity @LydiaaGahan”

However, Lydia indirectly reacted with a response on her Twitter page where it seemed she’s unperturbed about her rivals’ rants.

But a concerned fan took to the comment section to express shock over how ladies can comfortably sleep with a man knowing he has a girlfriend.

Then, Toju came with a reply saying that Timini never told her and her friend that he’s in a relationship with Lydia. Simply out,  Toju wrote that the actor denies it all the time. (See posts below)

@LydiaaGahan: “What’s that saying about
rolling in the mud with pigs?”

@MrAkinbosola: “So Toju can’t say “Timini
know you are in a relationship with Lydia, can’t sleep with you, it’s not nice to fuck another sister’s man” then block him off. women are wicked sha.”

Toju @Toritse: “Denied always”

Meanwhile, this drama began just barely five (5) months (i.e. May) after Timini Egbuson made his relationship with Lydia public, and with the young lady also confirming it via her own posts.

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