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BBNaija: Erica packs her bags voluntarily ready to leave Biggie’s House

It was last night, Saturday, dawn on Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemate Erica that she won’t survive Biggie’s wrath on Sunday when he addresses the issue that went down after the night party.

Erica voluntarily said she was tired and ready to leave Big Brother Naija House after she already messed up herself by verbally attacking Laycon over their past issue together under the influence of alcohol.

She was also convinced that Biggie will get her disqualified after she poured water on Prince’s side of bed in the Head of House room disallowing him to sleep in the HoH lounge. (Recall for a fact, Erica who is currently the Head of House and her Deputy Prince are mandated to sleep in the HoH lounge and on the same bed)

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So, after blaming Prince and accusing him of not taking sides with her during the altercation with Laycon, she decided to pay him back by pouring water on his side of bed.

In a nutshell, after Erica displayed all the drama starting from body-shaming Laycon, cursing him, blaming, accusing and punishing Prince and saying all sort of things which are not permitted in Biggie’s House, she had to pack her belongings ready to leave.

She made it clear that she’s going because she can’t continue to live in a House with people who kept on killing her vibe and using her for their own benefits.

Erica also revealed she had requested for a psychologist from Biggie because her mental self wasn’t able to contain the loads of anxieties and grudges coming from her co-housemates.

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As usual, Biggie will address the issue later today Sunday, September 6 and it’s might certainly be the end of road for her because she went beyond control with alcohol influence at work.

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