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BBNaija: Why Erica confronted Laycon after Saturday night party

Big Brother Naija Lockdown House in the midnight of Saturday September 5 through Sunday the 6th went totally on fire as a result of altercation involving Erica and co-housemate Laycon.

It all began few minutes after the party when all Housemates were already in the main House having chit chats. Erica and Laycon were seen around dinning room trying to sort things out but it came to point Erica told Laycon that he started everything that had been happening between them.


Before then, recall that last two Sundays, BBNaija host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu raised an issue during live show where he asked Laycon why he went about telling co-housemates that Erica tried several times to kiss him.

And the kiss in question as Laycon responded came on a Saturday night after party when Erica was seen intoxicated. Laycon alleged that drunk Erica tried to kiss him in the party room but he resisted the urge.

Now, Erica was pissed last night to a fact that Ebuka raised the issue (last two weeks) which as we all know was caused by Laycon telling co-housemates that she initiated a kiss with him.

On the other hand, Erica was again intoxicated last night which was the main reason she had the effrontery to confront Laycon when they revisited their underlying issues at the dinning and continued from the kitchen (like we earlier noted above).

With that drunkenness, Erica said all sorts of things ranging from body-shaming Laycon by calling him a drumstick to threatening to beat him and get disqualified.

Also, she reminded Laycon that one week has passed after she asked him to tell her when she tried to kiss her and still he can’t say anything about it meaning he lied to co-housemates. “Why can’t he call another name, why Erica. If he doesn’t talk about it, Ebuka won’t say it. I’m not crazy or anything, if he didn’t talk about me, will I have anything to talk about now?” Erica fumed.

While these were going on, Laycon kept his cool while Erica continued with raining curses and threats on him who was seen sitting in the dinning and hearing her say he’s very manipulative and evil.

Now, we should know that Erica has for the past two weeks Ebuka raised the kissing issue been bottling all that she poured out last night. And it was quite unfortunate alcohol made her do that in a very wrong way and time.

And going by what had happened, Erica who already has two strikes may be on the verge of disqualification. Before then, we will keep an eye while Biggie addresses the issue later today.

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