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BBNaija: How Laycon fought to protect Erica from after-party drama

Looking at yourself as a gentleman has nowadays become so rare that it takes a strong person to own it up.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemate, Laycon’s ordeals in Biggie’s House have somewhat fetched him great recognition even when it seems his heart is being shattered.

Taking a glimpse at the way he kept on going for Erica and making sure she’s fine all the time is something to think about. As the day goes by, he watch his preferred partner, Erica go deeper into another man’s arm.

Kiddwaya, who Erica chose to be her beau has remain nothing but flirt going by the fact that Erica endures all that and couldn’t accept Laycon.

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Dedication and perseverance are signs of success and Laycon has been determined to stay close to her at all times, even though his hope of relationship is gone.

Think of restricting an access to some boundaries, Laycon can sacrifice for that. Laycon is more of a marathon runner in his quest to make Erica his woman while Kiddwaya has it to be as a sprinter.

If you missed the after party drama on Saturday night, August 8, here is how it went down between Laycon who tried his possible best to prevent heavily drunk Erica from taken advantage of.

At the party room, Erica initiated a kiss with him, but seeing she was drunk, he couldn’t but avoid that move as it wasn’t how he wanted his first kiss with his love interest to be.

When the party was over, Laycon still made sure that Erica who was all tipsy is safe from what seemed like an embarrassment night with Kiddwaya who he (Laycon) thought may do something inappropriate with her.

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Having made sure Erica didn’t sleep in Kiddwaya’s room, Laycon pleaded with Tolanibaj, Dorathy, and Lucy to take care of her while she sleeps in the second room.

And there was a conversation with Praise where Laycon said that Erica was trying to kiss him at the party and saying things about trying to avoid Kiddwaya in her drunken state to avoid doing things she’ll regret doing on national TV.

While making his point clear to Praise, Laycon kept hammering on the fact that Erica should sleep in his room so he can keep an eye on her, maybe even sleep on Kaisha’s bed.

Praise responded, “She has a man, stop involving yourself in all this.” This was not what Laycon all wanted to hear. He was absolutely concerned about Erica’s well-being that night.

While the conversation was over, Kiddwaya stepped in Laycon’s room to see how his girl fairs while Erica sighted with drunken eyes telling Kidd to come and sleep on her bed.

Kiddwaya finally came to her bed to tuck her in and give her some kisses, and Laycon stayed watching, probably protecting his friend.

Praise was heard on the other end of the room narrating Laycon’s ordeal to Lucy. He said, “Erica told Laycon she likes him and even tried to kiss him. I saw it with my eyes but he refused because she was drunk and said Laycon should please keep Kidd away from her.”

After hearing this gist, Lucy unapologetically told Laycon that it was his responsibility to watch over Erica at the party because he gave her drink. Again, Praise told Lucy that the best thing is for Laycon to get over Erica.

Well, we’ve all seen how good moral can set a pace for someone in a world where being morally sound doesn’t have something to do with the way society is programmed by the inhabitants.

Anyway, our eyes are glued waiting to see the end result of the love triangle and entanglement between the three keys players, Laycon, Erica and Kiddwaya.

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