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BBNaija2020: ‘You can’t keep hanging around me and saying Nengi is your spec, I’ve cut you off’ – Dorathy tells Ozo

The squabble which emanated from yesterday night’s chat between two Big Brother Naija season 5 Lockdown Housemates, Dorathy and Ozo has left many thinking what they have for each other knowing one person has to accept the other for a smooth-sailing relationship.

Ozo as had been known from onset likes Dorathy a lot but seeing the beautiful Nengi makes the light-skinned lady’s man shift the attention to the latter.

And Dorathy has also observed without any doubt that Ozo likes Nengi but didn’t want to go for her, rather he keeps switching attention with both of them.

In the night of Friday, July 24, 2020, Dorathy told Ozo plainly to get off her side since he’s not showing in anyway that he wants only her.

Miss Dora believes Ozo keeps hanging around her every time and keeping saying someone else which is Nengi is his spec and he mentions Nengi’s name at the slightest opportunity.

In Dorathy’s words, “You can’t keep hanging around me and every time you keep saying someone is your spec and you mention the person’s name at the slightest opportunity”

However, Ozo understood Dora’s thoughts and was left to ask her if that’s the point where he looses ‘her number’ and Dora simply answered yes adding that it has gone as far as blocking him off.

“Ozo: Is this the point where I lose your number?

Dorathy: I blocked you already. Goodnight.”

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As soon as he heard Dorathy’s last words, Ozo left the room for garden where he went to have another chat with co-housemate Eric.

And during their discussion, Ozo made it known to Eric that he’s personally attracted to Nengi but Dora is one of the nicest person in the House.

He said to Eric, “Do I get attracted to the other person? Yes. She’s fine. But Dora is the only person I really am comfortable with… She’s one of the nicest people here”

Ozo affirmed further that if he’s given a relationship in the house, he’ll definitely pick that of Dorathy.

“If you give me a relationship in this house, I’ll pick the friendship Dora and I share instead.”, Ozo added.

At this point, even the viewers were left in awe as Ozo immediately met Nengi in the garden after a chat with Eric. And going by their chat, we can rightly say that Nengi likes Ozo but Dorathy’s personality still gives him the clear mindset not to succumb to Nengi’s signal.

In a simple term, Ozo really needs Dorathy’s personality in Nengi’s charming body.

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