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BBNaija2020: ‘I dated 8 years without s3x’ – Brighto tells Housemates, reactions erupt

During the “know me more” session by Lockdown Housemates, they seemed to have owned up to the fact that they can’t have anything more to hide about themselves than to be plain enough.

As soon as a Housemate takes that centre seat to split about his or her past life, there was something that made them feel like they were put in an enclosed area for confession.

Brighto Confesses

Born Ezekiel Bright Osemudiame, housemate Brighto talked everything about his academic background and how he has come a long way with a fact that he didn’t have all his academic exploits in Nigeria.

Brighto had been in a relationship that lasted for eight years and as the Housemates needed to know more about it, the Edo State-born expressed the relationship wasn’t really as toxic as seemed because he and the partner never indulged in intercourse.

As expected, the guys in the House expressed shock at him as they felt there might be another gist to his story but they didn’t prod further.

Prince and Trickytee Love Adult Content

While in their respective hot seats, Prince and Trickytee who share the same passion for being go-getters had it to say that their love for adult content is out of the world.

Prince also has an appetite for homemade videos, Trickytee is a lover of all. But like the latter disclosed, it was a past time disturbing pleasure and feels this present life has overwhelmed the previous.

With what we heard about the above Housemates, we feel the Lockdown geng were more open enough to tell about themselves, albeit, we may not conclude yet as the already known might be less.

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